Integrating Digital Vision with Business Values


Bringing Vision into Creative Business Values


Enhancing Competitive Advantage By Value Re-design

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Winnii Solutions is a business advisory and consulting firm with a collective strength of domain experts and seasoned industry professionals, who have come together for enabling clients and corporate managers with making strategic decisions for business growth.  Beyond consulting,  we can marshal and execute professional and managed services in tandem with associates and partner entities – be it end to end digital services delivery management or providing skilled team of professionals.

Our approach and engagements are mainly driven by key interests and circumstances of each client. In all our work, we ensure the end results are what can enable our clients with actionable insights.

Digital transformation may mean lot different to many but it is essentially integrating and innovating all facets of the business areas. Challenges are mostly around identifying the right business model elements for digital innovation and value creation

Every transformation may not necessarily mean innovation. And more surely, innovation is not just restricted to research and development. Also, it is clear that successful innovation means finding the right ways of value enhancement for better financial performance, operational excellences or customer experience or combination of all the three for business growth.

Every business requires a compelling and customer centric business model to start. But to sustain and grow business model elements need to be continuously reviewed, redesigned and tested before implementation.  Such an effort needs full visibility business  intelligence, technology possibilities, competition and  industry specific marketing conditions,  regulatory and associated business dynamics. 

On Demand Gig Economy

Emerging new trends of all digital gig generation means there are two main business model perspectives - Platform business models using shared resources and OnDemand work models using human skills.

Blockchain As A Service

Distributed Ledger technologies, which are based on a simple idea of decentralizing trust, have now grown into third and fourth generation of block chain use cases. DeFi (Decentralized Finance), NFT (Non-fungible tokens), Smart contracts are emerging use cases which are redefining the business model fundamentals.

Industrial IoT & Smart Manufacturing

Connected devices and real time control of anything remotely are now more reality than just experimental. Internet of Things (IoT) has now matured over generations making Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) more smarter and precise.